In Latin
sanoI heal
medicinae doctor MDDoctor of Medicine
sanoMDPower of Knowledge to Heal

For the Right Care

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Qualified Specialist
A specialist qualified to treat your condition
Find The Right Doctor
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Doctor's Appointment
Get the most out of the time spent with the doctor
Ask the Right Questions
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Prepare for Surgery
Questions to ask before and after operation
Be Prepared

Medical News

Featured article
MAINTAINING YOUR COGNITIVE HEALTH Getting older can bring many changes, both physically and mentally. Even when you are healthy, your brain and body start slowing down. Maintaining your cognitive health including the ability to clearly think, learn, and remember is important for your overall well-being.
Feeling the Burn
Detecting Colorectal Cancer
Control Your Cholesterol
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Certain Ovarian Cysts May Not Need Monitoring
Safe Sleep for Baby
Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder
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Healthy Lifestyle

Featured article
Have you ever met a set of identical twins? Did you have trouble telling them apart? Twins are similar in ways you can not see, too. That makes twins a powerful tool for studying health and disease.
From A to Zika: Understanding Emerging Diseases
Eye Safety Tips for Kids
Veggie Eating Boosted By Tasty Names
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Yoga for Health
Sweet Stuff
Safety Tips for Physical Activity
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