In Latin
sanoI heal
medicinae doctor MDDoctor of Medicine
sanoMDPower of Knowledge to Heal

For the Right Care

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Qualified Specialist
A specialist qualified to treat your condition
Find The Right Doctor
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Doctor's Appointment
Get the most out of the time spent with the doctor
Ask the Right Questions
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Prepare for Surgery
Questions to ask before and after operation
Be Prepared
Featured article
BOOSTING YOUR MOOD Have you ever had a bad mood you just could not shake? Everyone feels grouchy or irritable some days. But a bad mood or major mood swings that go on too long may signal a bigger problem. The good news is that certain healthy habits can help you boost your mood.
Some people are more moody than other people and normal mood actually varies from person to person- explains Dr. Carlos Zarate, chief of NIH mood disorders group.
Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder
The Inflamed Brain
Going Under
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Provider Beliefs May Affect Pain Relief
Practicing Gratitude
Feeling the Burn
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Featured article
A new study suggests that people who have a certain helpful microbe, or probiotic, in their gut may be less likely to have harmful staph germs.
Parenting Teens
Highly Processed Foods Linked to Weight Gain
Sweet Stuff
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Safety Tips for Physical Activity
Rough Up Your Diet
Healthy Eating
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