In Latin
sanoI heal
medicinae doctor MDDoctor of Medicine
sanoMDPower of Knowledge to Heal

For the Right Care

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Qualified Specialist
A specialist qualified to treat your condition
Find The Right Doctor
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Doctor's Appointment
Get the most out of the time spent with the doctor
Ask the Right Questions
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Prepare for Surgery
Questions to ask before and after operation
Be Prepared
Featured article
Being up all night with a child crying from the pain of an ear infection can be a nightmare. But it is not uncommon. Most children in developed countries get at least one ear infection by the age of five.
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Medical Scans Explained
Managing Multiple Sclerosis
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Feeling the Burn
Detecting Colorectal Cancer
Control Your Cholesterol
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You probably already know that your genes can affect your health. So can the choices you make, such as getting enough exercise and eating healthy food. But did you know that where you live can affect your health, too?
Parenting Teens
Walking for Better Health
How Much Activity Do You Need
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Highly Processed Foods Linked to Weight Gain
From A to Zika: Understanding Emerging Diseases
Family Health Matters
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