In Latin
sanoI heal
medicinae doctor MDDoctor of Medicine
sanoMDPower of Knowledge to Heal

For the Right Care

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Qualified Specialist
A specialist qualified to treat your condition
Find The Right Doctor
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Doctor's Appointment
Get the most out of the time spent with the doctor
Ask the Right Questions
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Prepare for Surgery
Questions to ask before and after operation
Be Prepared
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WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT HEADACHE Throbbing, aching head? You are not alone. Nearly everybody has had a headache. It is one of the major reasons people visit the doctor and miss work or school.
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Have you rolled out a yoga mat lately? If so, you’re among many who have taken up yoga to relax and stay fit. One in seven adults in the U.S. has practiced yoga in the past year. Yoga may help bring several health and wellness benefits.
Halt Dental Damage and Jaw Pain
Get the Rest You Need
Guard Against Germs While Swimming
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More Than the Common Cold
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Healthy Living for Cancer Prevention
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