Preparing for Surgery

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Prepare for the Operation
Questions to ask before and after the operation

Patients and their caregivers can assist with the operation and subsequent recovery. The following information will enable the patients to be better informed, ask the right questions and actively participate in their recovery.

Check on the Surgeon’s Qualifications and Degrees

  • Whether you are referred to the surgeon by your family doctor or you decide on one yourself make sure they are appropriately qualified to perform the recommended operation. The choice of a competent surgeon is one of the most important decisions in a successful patient outcome.
  • Check on the qualifications and specialty degrees of the specialist physician or surgeon to ensure that they are appropriate to treat your condition.

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Questions to ask prior to operation
  • Ask your surgeon about his experience with the operation that he has recommended for you including the number of such operations he does every year and what are his success, complication and mortality rates with the procedure.
  • Ask your surgeon about the reason for the operation and a simple description of the technique of the operation.
  • Ask for the major and minor complications and their incidence, risk of death, treatment choices other than surgery and the success rate with each treatment modality.
  • Make sure you understand this information before you sign on the consent form giving your permission to the surgeon to perform the operation.
  • Type of anesthesia typically used for the operation.
  • Details of the postoperative recovery including dietary restrictions, permissible activity, length of hospitalization and modifications in the event of a complication.
  • Information on postoperative pain management.
  • Medications to be taken prior to the operation including any adjustments in the routine medications of the patient.
  • Smoking before and after surgery


Documents to request prior to discharge

Prior to discharge from the hospital, ask your surgeon for the following documents:

  • Discharge Summary of the hospitalization.
  • Operative Report providing details of the operation performed and the names of the surgeon(s) and assistants who participated in the operation.
  • Surgical Pathology report which provides a detailed description of the analysis of the surgical specimen performed by qualified pathologists.

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