Our Story


Knowledge is Power and physicians and surgeons undergo years of rigorous training to acquire knowledge and mastery over the technical skills in their specialty. They engage in continuing medical education to maintain competence and remain current with advances in their specialties. The name sanoMD is a combination of words in Latin which implies-

sano              I heal
MD                Doctor of Medicine
sanoMD       Power of knowledge to heal

The mission of sanoMD is to empower its users with knowledge that strengthens their pursuit of health and healing. sanoMD provides a directory of physicians in recognized medical specialties for site visitors seeking specialized care.

We serve as an informational resource pertaining to medical news and healthy living while keeping our focus on the ever-changing healthcare needs of the community. Our Medical Editors are committed to increasing awareness about healthy lifestyles and medical advances in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care of various diseases.

Empower To Heal